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Information on tuition, registration fees, late fees, discounts for students taking multiple dance classes, sibling discounts, payment options and costumes.


  • $25 Registration Fee per student/$40 per family. Registration fees are non-refundable.

  • Payments can be paid in 9 installments (monthly) or in full for the year. Acceptable payment includes cash, check, debit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Payments can be made during studio hours or online. September tuition needs to be paid in the studio however, online payments will be available starting in October. There is a locked box in the lobby for cash and checks. Any debit card or credit cards will need to be paid at the desk during office hours. First month’s tuition must be paid in full to complete registration and is non-refundable. Monthly tuition statements are sent out on the first of the month and monthly payments are due on the tenth of the month. Registration Fees are waived for classes paid in full for the year at the time of registration.

  • A late fee of $10.00 will be applied for any payments made after the tenth of the month.

  • A fee of $30 will be applied to your account for any returned checks or in-sufficient funds.

  • A costume deposit of $55.00 per class is required at the time of registration. The rest of the costume fee will be invoiced in November in the amount of $30.00.

  • If tuition is past due, the student will not be able to participate in class. If any tuition is past due by the recital, the student will not be able to participate in the recital.

  • Withdrawal from the studio must be submitted by a parent in writing or via email. There will not be any prorated refunds due to mid-month withdrawal. Refunds will be given for any other months paid in advance. Any cash or check refunds will be done at the studio, refunds will not be sent out via mail. R


Students that enroll mid-month will be required to pay in full for the month. Students can take another class to make up for any classes missed that month prior to enrollment.


Discounts are given to dancers that take more than three classes per week. This discount also applies to families that have more than one dancer taking three or more classes combined. Discounts apply to both 45 minute and 60 minute classes. Any family or dancer that is signed up for five classes or more, gets a free dance class.


Prices Per Month/Year (Discounts included)
*Registration fees & Costume fees not included


45 minute classes

1- 45 min Class: $55/month or $495/year
2- 45 min Classes: $110/month or $990/year
3- 45 min Classes: $155/month or $1395/year
4- 45 min Classes: $205/month or $1845/year
5- 45 min Classes: $250/month or $2250/year
6- 45 min Classes: $275/month or $2475/year
7- 45 min Classes: $330/month or $2970/year


60 minute classes

1- 60 min Class: $60/month or $540/year
2- 60 min Classes: $120/month or $1080/year
3- 60 min Classes: $170/month or $1530/year
4- 60 min Classes: $225/month or $2025/year
5- 60 min Classes: $275/month or $2475/year
6- 60 min Classes: $305/month or $2745/year


Adult Dance Classes

Adult classes are offered in seasonal sessions; fall session, winter session, spring session and summer session. Classes are paid in full at the beginning of each session. The cost is $150 per session. Costume fees and registration fees to not apply for adult dance classes. Dance cards are offered for those who cannot attend the full session. The dance card covers 7 classes and is $90. Dance cards expire after one year after purchase. Drop-in fees for adult dance classes are $15/class. Fitness classes are also offered and can vary in price. Please refer to the adult session & workshop page for current pricing on the classes being offered.


  • All costume fees are $85 total per class. A $55 deposit per class is due at registration. The remaining balance of $30 per class is billed in November.

  • All balances must be paid in full before the dancer’s costume can be ordered.

  • Costumes may be refunded if it is done before the costumes have been ordered.

  • Measurements will be taken for each dancer to determine what size costume to order. We typically add an inch to measurements to accommodate growth throughout the year. Alterations or adjustments may be necessary to the costume such as adjustments of straps, hemming pants, etc. Any alterations or adjustments will be your responsibility.

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